Who we are

The Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF) represents over 50 International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) delivering humanitarian assistance, disaster risk reduction and development projects in Pakistan. The PHF is an independent coordinating forum that supports and facilitates the work of INGOs to effectively address the humanitarian and development needs across Pakistan. PHF operates in a spirit of transparency, impartiality and cooperation, as defined by its vision , mission and mandate...
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What we do

PHF Coordination and Information services, including positioning the PHF and the membership on operations and policies related to humanitarian and development assistance. PHF joint policy, advocacy and communications includes raising issues and representation for members at all levels, through established relationships and seats at policy and operational fora. PHF Safety, includes the collection and sharing of information on the operational environment to alert and advise members who operate in complex environments... Read More

Our members

Non-government organisations (NGOs) are organisations that have not been set up by agreements between governments, and are principally independent from any government agenda. The World Bank defines an NGO as ‘an orgainisation that pursues activities to relieve suffering and/or promote the interests of the poor and/or protect the environment and/or provide basic social services and/or undertake community development. International non-governmental organisations (INGOs) are similar to national NGOs, but ...
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